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More about bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that has been cultivated for thousands of years all over the world. It is famous for its versatility, sustainability, and beauty, which have made it a popular choice in landscaping and construction projects. However, it is essential to note that not all bamboo species are created equal. Some bamboo species […]
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Why You Should Choose Professional Bamboo Landscapers LLC

Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. It is used for a variety of purposes, including construction, flooring, and even as a food source in many Asian countries. However, bamboo is also an invasive species that can cause significant damage to ecosystems, particularly in New Jersey. In this essay, we will […]
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Preventing bamboo from spreading into your yard can be challenging, as bamboo is a fast-growing and hardy plant that can quickly take over an area if left unchecked. However, there are some steps you can take to limit its spread:   Create a barrier: Bamboo spreads through rhizomes (underground stems), so creating a physical barrier […]
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Bamboo is known for its aggressive growth and can spread quickly if left unchecked. Here are some tips to help prevent bamboo from spreading: Install a physical barrier: A physical barrier such as a root barrier or a rhizome barrier made of heavy-duty plastic can help prevent bamboo rhizomes from spreading. The barrier should be […]
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DIY Bamboo Removal

Removing bamboo can be a challenging task even for some professionals, especially if the bamboo has established a deep root system. While it is always best to have a professional come and assess the situation, we understand that it may not always be possible to have someone come right away. Here are some steps that […]
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In New Jersey, there are several ordinances related to bamboo, which are intended to regulate the planting and control of bamboo to prevent it from becoming a nuisance or invasive species. Running bamboo: The New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team recommends that property owners do not plant running bamboo (e.g. Phyllostachys species) at all, because […]
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Bamboo In New Jersey

Bamboo is a problem that many homeowners face in New Jersey.  Well-known as an invasive plant species, it can quickly spread and take over areas, causing damage to the environment, infrastructure, and private property. Bamboo is known for its fast growth and ability to spread rapidly through underground rhizomes. This can lead to bamboo growing […]
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Why are professionals needed for Bamboo removal?

Professional bamboo removal is the process of safely and effectively removing bamboo plants from a particular area or property. Bamboo is a type of grass that can grow quickly and aggressively, often spreading underground through rhizomes or runners. While bamboo can be a beautiful and useful plant, it can also be invasive and cause damage […]
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How to control bamboo spread with a rhizome barrier

What is a rhizome barrier? The rhizome barrier is also known as a bamboo barrier. It is a physical containment barrier installed below the surface of your property to prevent the spread of the bamboo root system also known as bamboo rhizomes. Often made from a high-density polyethylene plastic it is installed into deep trenches […]
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Bamboo – Innocent hedge or secret garden menace

I. More Cons than Pros Many homeowners look to create a private oasis in their backyards which typically requires some landscaping and planting. Over the years many homeowners in New Jersey have turned to creating that luxurious landscape with Bamboo plants and hedges as it grows year-round and can reach extraordinary heights while providing a […]
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