Protecting Your Home from Bamboo

Bamboo gardens and manicured bamboo plants can add to the aesthetics of your landscape and property. The reason many seek proper bamboo management is to ensure their soil and land are maintained and bamboo doesn’t negatively affect the look of their outside property. While there are many effective ways to manage the side effects of bamboo spreading through your lawn and property, the problems from improper bamboo management do not stop outside your door. It costs homeowners and business thousands of dollars each year to constantly maintain the spread of bamboo on their property. Unfortunately, the mistakes many landowners have made is not having bamboo properly removed or maintained before it damages their structures. The added time and costs can be a burden for years on small and large properties. Protecting your home from bamboo is often an important step in maintaining its value and longevity.

The Plant that Keeps on “Giving”

Bamboo grows vertical and horizontal throughout soil, but it has also been known to creep its way behind siding on homes, between roof shingles, and even grow through heating ducts. If the foundation on a home or building is weak or if there are cracks, the bamboo can cause further damage.
Additionally, with bamboo’s amazing ability to grow quickly, its expansion can even put pressure on the foundation causing long term problems, especially foundation that is already worn or old. The roots of bamboo growing horizontally can also cause damage to pools, decks and patios, driveways, outdoor structures and retaining walls. For larger properties, sprinkler systems can also be damaged by the constant spread of a bamboo plant, further complicating property maintenance.

How to Protect your Structure

Proper removal and maintenance are vital in bamboo management, protecting your home from bamboo damage. Understanding how and when to manage bamboo is important to preventing structures and buildings from short- and long-term damage. Surveying your property to understand how much and how far the bamboo has grown is the first step to planning the protection of your home from bamboo. This may involve excavating throughout your property as well as close to or adjacent to your structures and foundation. Careful removal of bamboo from these areas is possible to when planned and executed properly. The best way to start is by contacting your local professionals, who will know the extent of the growth and how to properly remove it without adding to the current damage. Once the scope of the growth has been determined they will provide you with a plan of action dictating the removal steps and the preventative measures in preventing the return of the bamboo plant.

These steps will ensure your bamboo removal and maintenance is done properly and only once. Completing thorough bamboo removal the first time will protect your home for the long term and save you a fortune!

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