Bamboo Removal in New Jersey

When you first think of bamboo you may think of beautiful Asian gardens or sturdy furniture, but for many unfortunate landowners in New Jersey this invasive species is taking over their homes and gardens and eradicating it may seem next to impossible.  With this helpful guide we will share some of our top tips and tricks to removing this pesky weed before it can cause further damage to your landscape.

Problems with Bamboo on Your Property

The aggressive spreading and growth of bamboo in New Jersey and surrounding areas with similar landscapes can be quite invasive if not properly contained or removed. The unwanted growth can ruin your landscape or garden. Using chemicals (glyphosate know as round up, gas/diesel/salts, bleach, etc) to treat your bamboo problem does not work and is potentially poisonous to your soil, endangering surrounding vegetation, wild animals, children and yourself. Chemicals also leech into the ground water and spread causing potential long-term problems to your property and surrounding areas. Vinegar is a safe alternative, but it still fails to kill the roots of the bamboo.

Unfortunately, if you only cut the canes to the ground this will also not be helpful as doing so will cause shock to the whole rhizome structure. This will cause the buds on the rhizome to shoot up and cause more growth. These growths will have to be cut or mowed over for the next few years until the rhizomes are depleted of their stored energy. Additionally, you will be left with a patch of dense stumps as the rhizomes can form a grove. The bases of the canes grow downwards up for 3 feet or more and bases often clump together creating large masses that are very difficult to dig out by hand.

Proper Bamboo Removal in New Jersey

The most effective and safest way for bamboo removal in New Jersey and surrounding areas involves the proper process and careful execution. First,  all of the above ground growth has to be properly cut down. A small compact excavator is best for the excavation process to remove all the “runners”, which are the rhizomes that stretch outwardly from the grove. It is important to follow the rhizomes to their ends and ensure that they are fully removed. Once the “runner” rhizomes are removed, the area where the above ground growth had once been will be excavated. This area will contain large amounts of stumps, roots and rhizomes.

Then proper disposal must be considered for bamboo removal. A dumpster should be used, or, if the township allows, it can be placed on the street, driveway or lawn if easily accessible. Once the removal is complete the area should be properly cleaned, flattened out and raked. Grass seed and straw are additional options to complete the removal from your landscape or garden.

The key secret for bamboo removal in New Jersey and surrounding areas is to be thorough and remove any new growth including potential for new growth. Any new growth left will just keep replenishing the energy reserves in the root and continue reviving itself. Containing and removing bamboo on your land is possible and cost effective when done properly. Once completed properly the first time and monitored the right way, you can have the pristine and beautiful landscape or garden of your dreams!

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