Bamboo In New Jersey

Bamboo is a problem that many homeowners face in New Jersey.  Well-known as an invasive plant species, it can quickly spread and take over areas, causing damage to the environment, infrastructure, and private property.

Bamboo is known for its fast growth and ability to spread rapidly through underground rhizomes. This can lead to bamboo growing into unintended areas, including neighboring properties, public land, under decks, patios driveways foundations and utility lines. Once established, bamboo can be very difficult to remove and can cause damage to structures and utilities.

Drive way removal
Drive way removal to remove rhizomes under it.
Bamboo breaking through new driveway


In New Jersey, the state itself has not taken action to regulate the planting and maintenance of bamboo. Many townships in the state have passed laws that require property owners to contain bamboo within a specific area, either through barriers or regular maintenance. Failure to comply with this law can result in fines and legal action.

Furthermore, the presence of bamboo can also impact the natural environment by displacing native species and altering ecosystems. It can kill off vast areas of trees, forests, marsh land, and other small or shallow water ways.

Overall, bamboo is considered a problem in New Jersey due to its invasive nature and potential to cause damage to private property and the environment.

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